Robert M. DeNichilo

RMDWith over twenty years of legal experience, Robert’s practice focuses on the representation of Homeowners Associations throughout Southern California as corporate counsel. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of California Irvine and his law degree from Loyola Law School.

Robert is an active member of the Community Associations institute (CAI), and was nominated for the Orange County Regional Chapter 2012 Rising Star Award, and the Chapter’s Outstanding Service Award in 2016. He has co-chaired Legislative Support Committee of the Orange County chapter of CAI and has served on the Legislative Support Committee of the Greater Inland Empire Chapter, as well as the PR Committee of the California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC). Robert serves as the CAI Orange County Regional Chapter’s liaison to CLAC, and regularly meets with state and federal legislators to discuss issues related to community associations. Robert has also served on the Education Committee of the Orange County Chapter of CAI and was elected to the Chapter’s Board of Directors in 2016.

Robert is the founder of where he is a frequent writer on a variety of community association topics, and is a regular contributor to industry and national publications including CAI Connect, CAI’s OC View, USA Today, Common Ground and Habitat Magazine. Some recent articles Robert has written include:

  • A Guide to the Revised Davis-Stirling Act (AB 805)”
  • Protecting a Board Member’s Emails OC View (CAI Orange County Regional Chapter), January/February 2013.
  • What Makes for a Good Set of Meeting Minutes OC View (CAI Orange County Regional Chapter), November/December 2012.
  • Running Effective Board Meetings Habitat Magazine online; June 2012
  • “’Yay! I’m on the Board!’ or, OMG, What Did I Get Myself Into?” Connect Magazine (CAI GRIE Regional Chapter) Issue Three, 2013. *Awarded “Article of the Year” by the GRIE Chapter of CAI.
  • “The ABC’s of ADR & IDR” OC View (CAI Orange County Regional Chapter), March/April 2015. *Nominated for the County Regional Chapter’s Author of the Year award.
  • “Updated California Pool Regulations” OC View (CAI Orange County Regional Chapter), Nov./Dec. 2015
  • “Who’s the Boss? The National Labor Relations Board’s new standard for determining joint employment may make community associations and management companies responsible for contractors’ pay, benefits and legal liability.” CAI National Magazine, Common Ground, September/October 2016.
  • An Accommodation Request? What’s Your Policy? OC View (CAI Orange County Regional Chapter), Jan./Feb. 2017

Robert is a strong advocate for education for community association managers and board members as a tool for effective association management. He regularly speaks at educational and training events for industry organizations, property management companies, and board members throughout Southern California. Some of Robert’s recent speaking engagements include:

  • CAI National Law Seminar, January 2017, “Community Associations and the Joint Employer Conundrum: Is the Association Vendor its Employee?”
  • 2016 Legislative Update for both the Orange County and Coachella Valley Chapters of CAI
  • CAI Statewide Legal Forum, October 2016, “Short-Term Rentals: Long-Term Enforcement Strategies.”
  • “Improve Your HOA Meetings: What You Need to Know about Robert’s Rules and Other Parliamentary Procedures” An Webinar for Condo and HOA Boards
  • CAI Orange County Regional Chapter Forum & Expo, June 2015, “You are so annoying…Nuisance yes or no?
  • CAI Statewide Legal Forum, October 2014, Community Manager Education Program, “Risky Rules: The Hidden Liability Lurking in Your Rules.”
  • CAI Statewide Legal Forum, October 2013, Advanced Education Program, “Handling Bad-Boy Board Members and Out-of-Bounds Owners.
  • CAI Greater Inland Empire Regional Chapter, February 2013 Educational Luncheon, “Davis-Stirling 2014: A First Look at California’s Revised Common Interest Development Act.
  • CAI Orange County Regional Chapter, September 2012 Educational Luncheon, “Damage and Destruction. What to do after a loss.
  • Served as faculty for CAI Orange County Regional Chapter, Community Leadership Training Program, “Community Association Law” Course, September 2012.
  • CAI Law Seminar 2011, “It’s Not a Listserv World Anymore: Marketing in the Social Media Age.”